God Created Everythng in Six Days

1) Universe - 2) Atmosphere - 3) Plants - 4) Celestial Bodies - 5) Sea & Air - 6) Land & Human 7) Rest

Science and the Bible are Harmonious

Welcome to the Creation Discovery Project

On this web site you will find resources for various aspects of exploring the support of science for the Bible, and the Bible for science.

We include many scientific evidences that confirm what the Bible says is true, and many Scriptural statements that even today we have not discovered the full extent of the Biblical statements about our world.

Some of the resources for you include:

  1. The Largest Structures of the Universe
  2. Dinosaur Breath
  3. The Flood of Noah's Time - Play
  4. Ancient Astronomy
  5. Creation in the Chinese Language
  6. Ancient Technology

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