Creation in the Chinese Language

China has a long and honourable history, going right back to the time of Noah’s family. Very few civilisations can trace their civilisation back that far. During that time the most ancient words used, and the words derived from that, have changed very little. By looking at the Chinese language we can see how they took direct oral and written history from those who lived through the world wide event of the flood, and many other events, as outlined in Scripture. Let us Discover Genesis together.


Creation in the  Chinese Language - from ‘Discovery of Genesis’ by Kang and Nelson - By Prof. David M. Harris

A Brief History of China - From the Beginning to the Sovereign Empire

Confucius –551 BC to 479 BC - A Wise Chinese Man

Chinese Written Language - Development

The Chinese Word for God - Heavenly Emperor

The Chinese Word for God - God as Spirit

Our Ancestor - Both God and Man

The First Garden - What Happened in Eden? (Gen.2:7)

The First Garden - Where was Eden? (Gen.2:8)

Man and Woman - What is their Relationship?

Wife - Who is She?

In the Beginning - Two of Everything

The Shekinah Glory vs. the Tomb

Noah's Ark - Yao in Chinese Legend

The First Tower - But the Chinese didn’t build it! (Gen.11:3-9)

Let us look at Prayer and Blessing - Jesus prays for us (John.17:20-21)

China in Prophecy? - Does Scripture tell us of the future flag of China?

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